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I am Dr. Ola

There are three ways you can work with me to help you transform your life

As a higly qualified and experienced coach I can help you with your mental health journey, change your mindset, discover strategies to live the life you want and get a handle on any life struggles you encounter. Or, build and scale your own sustainable and profitable private healthcare business with me as your mentor guiding you along the way.

Strategy Session

If you are unsure about which track is appropriate for you or if you’re simply interested in a quick strategy session, sign-up for a 1-hour strategy session with Dr. Ola where you can discover options and strategies that will work for you.

Strategy Session

Take a bold step and start your life changing journey today.

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Mental Health Coaching

Find out how you can start your journey of mental health and change your life when you work with me. In this coaching program, we will uncover the steps to mastering your mindset with an abundance of training and support .

Mental Health Coaching

Whether you only want a 1-hour strategy session, or want to me with me for 8 weeks, we have a coaching program for everyone.

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Branding, Business and Career Coaching

Designed for Nurses & Other Healthcare professionals in mind, if you want strategies on how to navigate a career transition or SCALE an online healthcare business then this program is for you.

Branding, Career and Business Coaching

Whether you need a quick career boost or a program to transform your passion into a money-making business, we have a coaching program for everyone.

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I have a passion for empowering my clients with the goal of encouraging them and helping them focus on what they love, value, and want from life.

Welcome to my Coaching Program!

Dr. Ola, a highly qualified mental health, personal branding, business & career coach.

I am Board Certified with over 18 years of combined Healthcare experience. I have been a mental health consultant for over five years. I started a mental health private practice business in the middle of the pandemic in 2020 and if it is so busy now you too can kill two birds with a stone with my coaching programs. I will help you with my mental health, personal branding, business & career coaching program. My mission is to help YOU reach your full potential personally and professionally, which all comes down to health and mindset.

Are you ready to join the journey?

Dr. Ola

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